Looking for A Massage Chair for Home?

Looking for A Massage Chair for Home Perfect Sleep Chair

As more people come to understand the connection between physical and emotional health, it’s no wonder that massage therapy has gained in popularity.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to schedule sessions with a professional masseuse two or more times a week. One way to enjoy the benefits of this type of therapy is to invest in a massage chair for home.

Here are some of the ways that the chair will make a difference for the mind and for the body.

Promoting Better Circulation

Various settings on the chair will encourage more efficient blood circulation.

Since the blood carries essential nutrients to organs and other tissues, anything that helps to support circulation will have positive benefits for the individual. Supplied with proper nutrition, organs function more efficiently.

That includes the brain in terms of cognition, memory, and the processing of new data.

Keeping Blood Pressure Within Healthy Limits

Even as the chair features promote circulation, they can also help regulate blood pressure.

High blood pressure does increase the potential for strokes and heart issues. When used in conjunction with exercise and a balanced diet, the chair can go a long way toward keeping the individual healthy.

Helping With Muscle Aches and Inflammation

Everyone has experienced the pain and soreness associated with over exertion.

Using the right settings on the chair can help to relax inflamed muscles and promote healing. The gentle kneading action provides relief. Thanks to the benefits of the chair, getting out of bed the next morning will be easier.

Dealing With Stress

A certain amount of stress is good for the mind and the body.

Too much can produce detrimental effects. A home massage chair is a welcome sight after an unusually stressful day. By using the right settings, it’s possible to alleviate tension, slow the mind, and begin to relax.

That will go a long way toward ensuring the individual enjoys a good night’s rest.

Increasing Mobility

Another benefit to consider is the role that the chair will play in the improvement of mobility. People who suffer fromchronic conditions that lead to stiffness in the joints will notice that the soothing action of the chair makes it easier to bend the elbows, turn the head, and bend the knees. This increase in joint flexibility makes it easier to walk and manage a number of tasks at home and on the job.

Treatment for Emotional Disorders

Massage is often recommended for people who suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.

When going to a therapist is not possible, the chair offers a viable alternative. As little as a half-hour using the right settings will slow the racing mind and provide a respite.

By utilizing the massage chair along with options like cognitive behavior therapy and medication to manage the symptoms, it’s possible to get out and enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Improving the Immune System

Anything that helps to ease stress and promote deep sleep will have a positive impact on the immune system.

While there is still a chance of needing medication for help with minor ailments, many people notice that sometime in the chair shorten the recovery time associated with things like migraine headaches, back pain, and similar conditions.

Anything that strengthens the immune system and expedites healing is worth seriously considering.

There are a number of other advantages associated with owning a massage chair.

Talk with a professional today and explore them all. There’s a good chance that investing in this type of chair will become a priority.

Medical Lift Chairs Increase Comfort and Vitality in These 5 Ways

medical lift chairs | Perfect Sleep Chair

When a health issue disrupts your normal daily activities, it is important to find a solution. Today, health conditions such as arthritis, back injuries and fibromyalgia can destroy your ability to sit, stand and rest comfortably. Even recovering from a recent surgery, such as knee replacement, can make it impossible to rise from a sitting to standing position without assistance. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for your every day woes. Medical lift chairs are designed with features that provide both safety and comfort to anyone who is coping with a painful health condition.

Eases the Effects of Gravity
If you have a spinal injury, then you know the effects gravity has on your body with every step you take. Throughout the course of the day, the pull of gravity on your bones and joints can add up to a lot of pain. Over time, these effects can lead to chronic pain that may not respond to normal treatment. For this reason, zero gravity recliners are often recommended for people to use as part of their home care strategy. A medical lift chair will allow you to select the ideal position for your comfort so that the effects of gravity are minimized.

Soothes Painful Muscles
Athletes, elderly adults and those who are afflicted with autoimmune disorders know all too well the effects of pain on their daily activities. In fact, pain is one of the leading causes of insomnia since chronic aches can make it impossible to be comfortable at night. When you explore medical lift chairs, look for one that has heat and massage features that can be controlled with the touch of a remote. Ideally, you should be able to target the zones that require relief while relaxing in your chair.

Increases Independence
Many health conditions that cause pain and a lack of mobility create a need for assistance. Yet, it is normal to want to be able to complete as much of your daily routine as possible independently. With a medical lift chair, you are slowly moved from a lying down position to standing without any unnecessary jolts on your body. This makes it possible to avoid having help with getting up after sleeping or sitting in your chair during the day.

Reduces the Risk of Injury
Trying to stand too quickly can lead to fall-related injuries if you are prone to dizziness or having stiff joints. The slow movements of a medical lift chair will force you to take it easy and allow for extra time to adjust to your new position. A quality chair will also have features such as a side pocket and built-in remote that reduces the need to get up and down to retrieve objects you need.

Improves Sleep and Relaxation
Whether you are recovering from a short-term injury or coping with a long-term medical condition, getting adequate rest is important for your health. The soothing massaging action of your new chair combined with heat eases your discomfort so you can get quality sleep.

The pain associated with many health conditions can get in the way of your independence and comfort, yet you do not have to suffer anymore. By understanding how a medical lift chair can meet multiple needs at once, you can lift your spirits and enjoy greater health and vitality.


Three Great Ways to Acquire the Many Benefits of Massage

Three Great Ways to Acquire the Many Benefits of Massage

Do you feel your muscles ache all day?

Whether you’ve played or exercised too hard, suffer from an injury, or a number of chronic conditions, a good massage has the ability to make you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

The professionals agree that massage therapy offers far-reaching benefits, and these are just a few great ways that you can enjoy a healing massage.

1. Get Your Own Massage Chair

When you visit the mall, you probably notice that every massage chair on display is always occupied by a person who is sitting back with their eyes closed and looking as if they’ve just fallen into paradise.

You may have even stood in line for your own turn to see how great it would feel. If you choose to purchase your own personal massage chair, then you can treat yourself to a special massage each day while you’re enjoying a favorite television show or reclining for a refreshing nap.

For a wonderful experience and the best results, be sure to choose a chair that offers heat to accompany the massage and several positioning options.

2. Spend Some Time in a Hot Tub

All hot tubs are not created equal, and those who suffer from such issues as chronic back problems and bad arthritis have been able to find some relief from those hot tubs that allow you to enjoy a massage while you soak. You may be able to find this type of massage therapy at salons that offer the service or through physical therapy. You may also want to purchase your own hot tub for daily use in your home. If this is something that you are interested in, then be sure to look for therapy hot tubs, which provide extra massage points that address specific areas that include the neck, the shoulders and the back. The jets should be strong enough to offer a deep-tissue massage in order to achieve the best results.

3. Visit Your Local Salon

While salons are traditionally better known for doing hair, makeup and nails, a great many salons are now hiring licensed, professional massage therapists to care for the needs of their clients. They normally offer a variety of massages that address certain issues, and these are just a few that you may want to consider.

  • Swedish Massage: Perhaps the most popular form of massage available today, you’ll enjoy a gentle and relaxing session that works to make you feel refreshed and energized. Your massage therapist will use a combination of vibration, kneading, long strokes and deep, circular movements to have you feeling your best.
  • Deep-Tissue Massage: If your muscles are sore, then this may be the right massage for you. Your massage therapist will target specific muscles that you identify as problematic, and he or she will use slow, forceful strokes to address any damaged muscles and the connecting tissue. Many people combine this massage with the Swedish massage for a full experience.
  • Sports Massage: While this is often used for people who play rough sports, its increasingly being used for senior citizens who are trying to stay in shape. Pain can keep you from your daily exercise, and this massage can help prevent injuries that you may sustain during your regular workout.

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Living With Limited Mobility: Making the Most of Home Care Resources

Living With Limited Mobility: Making the Most of Home Care Resources

You don’t like the idea of moving to an assisted living facility, but your health does not allow you to get around with ease.

Before deciding that you must give up your home, why not look into different options for home care assistance? By making a few changes to the house and having someone come in to help you, you could remain in your home for several more years.

Here are some strategies to consider.

Contact a Home Health Agency

Depending on the type of help you need, an arrangement with a local home health agency may be all you need.

While many people think of home health as having to do strictly with medical support, the range of services offered are often much broader. You could have someone come in and cook meals if puttering around the kitchen is more than you can handle now. Someone can come in and take care of the basic cleaning. That includes doing the laundry, changing the bed linens, and a number of other tasks that people with limited mobility find difficult.

The perk of this approach is that you can still do whatever is within your ability to manage. The team from the home health agency takes care of the rest. Thanks to the combination of effort between you and the agency, your home is always in order and you are ready to receive company any time that you want.

Invest in Some New Furniture

There are furnishings designed specifically for people with limited mobility.

One of those happens to be beds that make it easier to get up in the morning. The motors on the beds can lift the head to an angle that makes it easier to swing someone’s legs off the bed and plant their feet firmly on the floor. The support allows you to stand or move to your wheelchair with greater ease.

Another piece of furniture to consider is a lift recliner.

Check into models that will recline to a flat position. They are ideal for enjoying an afternoon nap or even sleeping through the night. If you don’t sleep well in a prone position, it’s easy enough to lift the back of the chair just enough for you to be comfortable. Look for models that include heating and gentle massaging features. Those features can be especially helpful if you are living with some form of arthritis.

Add Some Aids to the Kitchen

If you find it difficult or painful to grip objects, there are plenty of resources that will compensate for what you’ve lost.

There are grips that fit neatly around flatware and make it easier to use a spoon, fork, or knife. You can also get special grips that make it easier to lift pots and pans. There are even extension grip devices that will help you get canned goods or glassware off of the top shelf. All of these devices are easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about a lot residue building up on the handles, triggers, and other components.

Remember that the point of seeking home care assistance is to ensure you enjoy the highest quality of life that you can. Depending on the health issues you face, it’s quite possible to have someone come in for several hours each day and help you with tasks that are no longer that easy to accomplish. Match that with a few helpful devices and you can remain the ruler of your own home for many years to come.

6 Easy Ways to Make Life More Comfortable for Seniors

Six Great Ways to Make Life More Comfortable for Seniors

As we age, it often becomes more difficult to manage life’s everyday needs as easily as we once did. If you, your parents or grandparents are experiencing any specific difficulties or simply want to make life a bit more easy and comfortable, then you may want to try out these wonderful items and ideas that can greatly enhance your life.

1. Automatic Pill Reminders

Even with the use of a pillbox, it can be difficult to remember to take various pills at the right time of the day.

That doesn’t have to be a problem if you utilize one of the many companies that are now offering various ways to regularly remind you to take your medications. You may get a phone call each time that you are due to take a pill, utilize a pill box that sounds an alarm at the right times or even opt for a pillbox that is monitored by a remote dispatcher who will contact you if the pillbox remains unopened.

There are plenty of automatic pill reminders available, so it’s best to check with your local pharmacy for recommendations.

2. Quality Sleep Chair

This can be a wonderful option for those who have trouble sleeping in their bed or difficulty in getting up from a traditional recliner. Choose a chair that is well-padded with high-density foam for exceptional comfort, and you’ll want to make sure it can be adjusted to a flat position for sleeping. This type of chair will also function as a lift chair to help you get into a standing position, and you’ll be able to enjoy massage and heat settings as well.

3. Dog-Walking Services

A pet can greatly enhance the lives of people of any age, but injury or illness can sometimes make it impossible to take proper care of a pet. Rather than losing your incredible companion, enlist the help of a dog walker from your neighborhood to see that your dog is properly exercised and gets to those important yearly veterinarian appointments. You may also ask a fellow animal lover to drop by once a day to clean out litter boxes and feed the pets.

4. Meal Delivery

When cooking becomes too big of a chore, poor nutrition is often the end result.

Talk to your doctor about good nutritional supplements and signing up for meals on wheels or other food-delivery services. Your local senior center will most likely be able to provide you with a wealth of information about area services. You’ll also want to stock up on fruits, vegetables and easy-to-prepare meals when you do your grocery shopping.

5. Cleaning Robots

Whether it’s too difficult for you to clean or you’re just too busy, robots are now available that can clean your floors with the push of a button. Check out stores like Home Depot for these handy little robots that can vacuum carpets or clean up spills on a tile floor. Be sure to only turn your cleaning robot on when you’re sitting down so that you won’t be tripped by it.

6. Large-Button Phones

Failing eyesight and arthritic hands can make using the phone difficult. Fortunately, you’ll find both home phones and cellphones that come with large, lighted buttons that make them easy for anyone to use. Check out the selection at your local electronics store.